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Environmentally friendly disposal of one–way plastic bottles in Africa. PILOT PROJECT of the First Focus Foundation in Senegal.

We all, especially in Africa, prefer to drink water out of the bottle. This is true for the Senegalese but also for the tourists, who only stay a short period of time in Senegal. Our consumerism leads to the daily increase of empty plastic bottles.

But what happens with the empty plastic bottles? This is a question no one likes to think about, especially not when one is thirsty. Everyone, however, knows the answer, since we all recognise that the disposal of plastic bottles is very expensive in any country and that this is a burden to all of us.

It is even more difficult to dispose of the bottles in Africa, because of inadequate recycling facilities and this lack of environmentally friendly waste disposal adds to the continentís catastrophic situation.

We present you with a solution: The production of bricks filled with used plastic bottles.

Brick Brick

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The disposal of plastic bottles is very expensive and pollutes our global environment. Our idea makes it possible to dispose of plastic battles in Africa in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

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As you can see on the above pictures we also use the packaging film in which usually 6 of the bottles are wrapped in as a complimentary material for insulation while placing the foundation


The advantages for the production of bricks filled with plastic bottles.

Environmental protection – by using the plastic bottles in building materials it becomes unnecessary to dispose of the bottles in the conventional way, which usually equals burning them. Hence there is less pollution. In addition, the usage of plastic bottles in bricks relieves the ever-growing trash mountains.

Reduced Amount of Building Materials – the plastic bottles are placed centrally into the forms and their volume reduces the need for other construction material without decreasing the stability of the bricks. Due to the special and coherent form of the bricks there are also fewer requirements for mortar and other materials required to render the walls.

Easy Montage – the production of the bricks is designed to create a channel at the bottom side of the brick and to leave the head of the bottle exposed. This enables the bricks be put together in a simple manner This unique brick design makes the building of houses easier, faster and without the need of employing highly skilled brick layers.

Minimal Weight – Reduced construction materials equals less building weight. This reduces labour and transport costs as well as fuel expenses.

We are Making a Difference.

Currently we are building a house for the Youth Sports Club in Ngaparou, Senegal made 100% out of bricks filled with plastic bottles. The juvenile club members collect the used plastic bottles, we process those into the special building blocks and with the help of community members we are building our first environmentally friendly and cost–effective Youth Sports Club.

Bottle Collection Bottle Collection

Your support for our pilot project in West Africa will help us clean up the environment, it will enable the building of other houses with bricks made of plastic bottles, and it will stop plastic bottle pollution in Africa.

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