First Focus Foundation

About FFF.

The First Focus Foundation is a Registered Charity no. 1116518, regulated by the Charities Commission and was founded in 2006.

Our main objectives are:

At the moment First Focus Foundation is made of three trustees and an international network of volunteers and supporters.

The Trustees are:

Dr. Domenica Hume

Mr. Rafael Schiel

Programs/ Projects

The problems children face in the developing world differ, but the cause is always the same - poverty. First Focus Foundation works to make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes. Whether it’s enabling people in developing communities to support each other, or linking donors to those in need through Godparents sponsorships, or creating networks to preserve the environment, we believe that getting people connected is the best way to make a difference.

We are actively supporting orphanages, child houses and local non-governmental organizations through the provision of financial and material assistance.

We also support a nature conservation programme, WAPPES (West African Preservation Programme for Endangered Species, which is strongly committed to the protection of nature in one of the poorest regions of Senegal. With the aim to reduce poverty with jobs created through reforestation, WAPPES tries to save the few remaining forests of the region.